Sustainability at Splashdown

Splashdown Event Services (Splashdown) recognise the responsibility for organisations to make a genuine commitment to the environment. As we move into 2018, sustainability is becoming core to our values as we develop and implement our own Sustainability Management Plan (SMP).

We are developing our Sustainability Management Plan in response and adherence to the newly established IS0 20121 Event Sustainability Management System Standard Requirements. IS0 20121 is standard that has been designed to help and guide the events industry on how to improve the sustainability of their event activities and operations.

There is an increasing need to identify and manage the impact that the events industry has on the environment, communities and local economy. At Splashdown we are moving fast to reduce our carbon footprint and operate in the most efficient and economical way & we will be sharing our progress and improvements.

There is no doubt that 2018 will be a big year for us, we are supplying all of the showers, toilets, hand wash and hydration stations at all venues for the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. By using new and improved technology such as our 6 star WELLS rated vacuum toilets we’re aiming to reduce the volume of fresh water required by 80%.

Furthermore, we look forward to engaging with our stakeholders as we strive to reach and surpass the industry standard, and are proud to work with organisations such as the Sydney Opera house who hold the same values and regard for sustainable operations.

Splashdown aims to achieve and maintain a high standard of environmental care within all areas of our operations – we hope that you will join us.