Planning Tips

Consider the following when determining the provision of the toilets and showers you require:

 Choose the type of unit that best suits your event:

  • Standard, Corporate or Luxury

 Determine number of units and the level of service required by considering the following:

  • The duration of the event
  • Expected audience, food and fluid consumption (especially alcohol)
  • Promoter’s expectations in regards to bar and food revenue and the impact toilet use will have on these revenues
  • Are there adequate provisions during intervals and breaks in performance?
  • Are there event related temporary camp sites?
  • Provision of suitable facilities for children, the elderly or infirm attending, who may take longer to use the facility
  • Are facilities inside a fenced venue, or are they servicing a walk through event
  • Expected weather conditions, temperature and shaded areas
  • Non event areas such as back of house, production, car parking, transport hubs and security
  • History of other events at this venue
  • Do you require a DA from local government?
  • Do you require a waste management plan?

Site Amenities

  • Existing amenities on site
  • Water and sewer on site ( water pressure will fall during an event so will it be adequate)
  • Access for waste trucks
  • The venue’s waste management plan

Useful References – for large events review

  •      Mass Gathering Guidelines and the UK Health and Safety Executive
  •      Mass gathering pdf

Try our Planning Calculator which may help you estimate the facilities you need for your event.

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