Why use vacuum event toilets?

Customer satisfaction improves profitability

  • Cleaner toilets improve food and beverage sales
  • Patrons have no need to find alternatives or shorten their time at the event
  • Allows promoters to demand premium prices in VIP areas and food and beverage areas
  • Unlimited waste capacity when connected to sewer
  • Hand wash facilities separated to speed up time in the cubicles as well as reducing water spillage
  • Waste management is away from patrons for improved safety
  • No service trucks in public areas
  • No odour

Environmental advantages

  • Use of air with minimum amounts of water (600ml) to move waste – reducing waste total by up to 80%
  • Negates the use of trucks and diesel by ability to connect directly to sewer
  • Reduces waste treatment times with primary treatment done by the vacuum process
  • Better sanitary results by improving hygiene
  • Efficient transport system with units being able to fold and stack, reducing transport costs
  • No chemicals

Flexible configuration

  • 3 pan configuration allows for small to large groupings of units
  • Ability to operate on uneven ground, and in complicated layouts