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Splashdown Bathrooms at SydneySplashdown Event Services is the industry leader in providing not only Bathroom & Shower amenities plus Catering sinks for events and venues but wait theres more:   EventTables, Luxury & General Admission Vacuum toilets, Hydration Stations, Ticket Boxes, Handwash facilities, Potable & Waste tanks of all sizes.

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Our staff are focused on providing a level of service that meets the expectations of the promoter, event manager and patron alike.

From the single portaloo, to the latest in vacuum technology in luxury bathrooms, Splashdown Event Services provide the right bathroom amenity for your event whether it be large or small.

Event managers have the widest possible choice that allows them to match their budgets to patron and promoter expectations.

Promoter’s needs are met by the provision of clean, well serviced amenities. Splashdown Event Services is well aware of bar and food revenues, and the total event experience can be enhanced by quality bathroom units.

Splashdown Event Services can meet the most demanding DA and environmental standards required by local government, water and waste boards and the EPA.

Waste management and OH&S standards are one of our Top priorities, which meet the highest level in the industry.